Thursday, May 31, 2012

Genius count-as -Dark Eldar Idea- Kroots!!!!

Today I just want to talk about a modelling concept that would be cheap, cool and fluffy at the same time. But before I cut to the chase let's start at the beginning of the thought process.....

Just like any other modeller, I desire to have some different-looking models and stuff that would allow my stuff to stick out and also to break to monotony of a particular range of models. When I assembled over 20 wyches, I started to tire from the looks of the wyches as I am not too fond of the wych's design as a whole (and I like Kabalites more). In addition, I would also like a certain distinction between the Bloodbrides and also the normal wyches.

First idea of making a Bloodbride squad for me involves using the helmet variant that you see in the picture above and combined it with Kabalite warrior bodies and using all the armoured arms (save that of the shardnet). I am fond enough of the look as it fits my Kabalite theme, that I use this particular squad in every game. But the bad thing is that I have to use a ratio of 4 wych box and a kabalite box to make one Bloodbride squad. With the current price hike, I am really not too fond of having to buy several wych boxes just for the particular heads. In addition, painting the leather wyches would also be a very, very, very annoying affair for me. As of this moment I think I have 2+ squads of them on the sprue (Kabalite Warriors are a different case as their weapons are too unique, and I love them to bits).

With the bloodbride squads and two normal squad of wyches (and other wyches that are still on the sprue), I noticed that this could be the basic core of my bloodbrides and thus I believe that I am covered for the bloodbrides if I need to spam another two more squads.

So I asked myself, what could I do to represent the normal wyches?

The main criteria for what could represent Wyches for me are;

1)I can make big squads of them easily : I am aiming to fill all 6 troop slots to the max, and anything that could help in making that easier is good.

2) Looks awesome: Do I need to say this?

3) Fits the fluff, both in the codex and also my Kabal's fluff: Fluffwise, mercenaries are constantly hired by Kabals for handling their dirty work. For my kabal's fluff, I tend to not let wyches tag in too often unless they are of the finest quality or have a certain aspect that allow my Archon to hire them in the first place. So one or two normal wych squads are tolerable, but not tons of them.

The rules also need to fit with the idea of the fluff in order for people to not cry 'stupid, that is not their fluff'. Just am pissed whenever that happens, and I want a good time.

4) Have interesting bitz: If the models have interesting bitz that I could use in other conversion project kudos for me.

As I was wondering about what fits the overall criteria, I bumped into a good friend of mine on Facebook who also plays 40k and as we talked about 40k and stuff, he suddenly talked about the codex creep and stuff and joked that my Tau will have its railgun cheese soon and how the aliens in the Tau Empire will be cheese. And then it struck me like a lightning bolt; Kroot!

Amazingly they fit every criteria.

1) Kroot comes in a box of 16 Kroots and that means that for every box I get, it is essentially a squad of wyches +1.

2) Their feral looks and stuff really struck a chord with me and I remember using them in my Tau army for some time, but they clashed aesthetically with the clean looks of the Tau. With Dark Eldar, they fit in just fine. 

3) Kroots are mercenaries. Everyone hires them. And their mutation thing? Settled with the rules for Combat Drugs. And in the fluff of the Kroot, they are known to be quite fast and agile too.

4)They have a lot of bitz that are suitable for any Dark Eldar project, especially for Coven stuff.

With some slight conversions, I can make the Kroots fit in just fine with the rest of Dark Eldar range for count-as wyches. And then it struck me hard at the time too; the Dark Eldar rules could also be used to represent a Kroot Kindred.

Light and fragile nature? Check. Combat experience as mercenaries? Check with their higher statline and stuff. Poison and Dark Light? Check, espcially if you put in the tribal nature and their acquisition of tech from their employers. Kroot Shapers? Check, especially when the combat Shaper is the Archon, and the shamans are the Haemonculus? Tough slower Kroots? Check, in the form of Wracks. The list goes on and on, and I think that it is a viable option for people to make a fluffy Kroot army using the Dark Eldar rules and also save a bunch on cash as Kroots come in boxes of 16.

In fact I seriously love the idea already. But I must focus on using my kroots as count-as Wyches, and leave it at that or else I would go crazy with the idea of having a Kroot-only army. But still, the idea of using Kroot as Wyches, and to a greater extent as Dark Eldar is an amazing idea. Too bad I did not think of it earlier, but nonetheless I love the normal Kabalite range a lot so it is alright.

I guess this will be the idea that I will pursue once I am done building and painting all my vehicles. I tremble with excitement over this particular project!!!!!


  1. Very cool idea! Might even try this one myself.

  2. Sure thing, and if you do so please do show it. IT would be awesome to see such an army on the table. :)