Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mustering of the Kabal - Razorwing Base WIP

Heya all, just wanted to show a little of what I have spend a while doing during my sadly short breaks between assignments and studies. I am still not sure about the Biel-Tann wreck as I may change the scheme to something else.

My Razorwing base as it is is very barren and there is so much things I could have done to make it awesome. So with a Vyper that I somehow got in my bitz box, I went about making a downed Vyper.

I am aiming for a burning amber earth thing as it burns through the alien landscape which is flammable or something. In this regard I am successful.

However, the lighting for this flame is somewhat weird and will need some revision.

Realistic flames are always a joy to paint, as I do not need to use white in the mix.

Biel-Tann, Uthwee, or some other Craftworld? I am not sure.....more progress will come I guess.

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