Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chaos Models Leaked pics and first thoughts

Heya all and the morning is abuzz with the new pics of the Chaos stuff. Only words I have to say......Dear Holy Terra!

First things first, the large plastic kita that encompasses the Chaos Flyer and two.....I don't even know what to call these things. Surprisingly for the Helldrake, the 'Dragon' concept that we have heard in the rumours was pulled out very well somehow. I still have my doubts, but nonetheless it is a very cool kit to have. As for the two things called the Forgefiend and Maulerfiend,  that's some huge ass things. But these kits remind me too much of Tyranids and for a Hobbyist that is willing to put in the extra effort the Helldrake can be converted into a Harpy.

Next item on the leakies, the Warp Talons a.k.a evil Vanguards. I actually like how they use the old Heresy-era jump packs to show their veterancy and I will say, I like the predatory look of these models. Lightning Claws and Talons? Damn. However, the main thing about them would be; are they loaded with other weapon alternatives than Lightning Claws? This would also serve as a good basis for a Jump Pack Chaos Lord if one wants dynamic poses for their Lord. Night Lord players would love this.

Last but not least, perhaps the one I am most fond of among all the leaked items; The Warpsmith. My word this model is just really cool model. It has that commanding pose, and it looks very sinister. Hope that its role in the Chaos list would be viable enough for its inclusion into other Chaos Lists.

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