Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dark Eldar and Eldar FAQ 1.1 are out!

Heya just came back from San Francisco, and just in time for a FAQ from GW. I have read the FAQs and I find it quite interesting for some of the factions when it comes to their FAQs (Target Lock is reeditted back (lol) and the Death Ray could not hit zooming flyers (Hilarity ensues for my Dark Eldar flyers). But I am more interested with the Dark Eldar and Eldar FAQs as they would affect me the most for now.

And now from the pages of the FAQ itself;

Dark Eldar FAQ
Page 58 – Dark Eldar Wargear, Huskblade.
Change the last sentence to read “A huskblade is an AP2 melee
weapon with the Instant Death special rule.”

Page 31 – Incubi, Klaives.
Replace this entry with: “Klaives have the following profile:
Range S AP Type
Klaive - +1 2 Melee, Two-handed

Q: When allocating Wounds caused by a unit of Reaver Jetbikes
making a bladevanes, cluster caltrops and / or grav-talon attack, from
which direction is the attack considered to have originated? (p29)
A: Allocate hits from these using Random Allocation.

Wow, these two are the standouts for me. There are some others, but they do not affect me in any way.

The Huskblade is quite justified in its point cost now and it is perhaps the 'new' agoniser for the Archon. Screw the power axe, I got a friggin insta-kill ap2 weapon. That and it can be comboed with the soul-trap and the combat drugs for some decent combos. And the Klaives are now so much fun to use as well for obvious reasons. With the current trend in my LGS to switch to power-armoured dudes and also Shooting Terminators, this is indeed a fun time for my little incubi.

As for the bladevanes, I am glad that a question that I have asked a few times before being answered for real. I wanted to say that it is like a shooting attack, but at the same time it feels more assault-like in nature which begets the question in the first place. Answered one question, but instead I get a very long wound allocation session. :P

Eldar FAQ

Q: Do Dark Eldar allies count as Eldar for the Farseer psychic
powers Fortune and Guide? (p28)
A: No.

Q: What happens when a Farseer with Runes of Witnessing rolls for his
Psychic test when there is an enemy Farseer with Runes of Warding on
the battlefield? (p26)
A: The two pieces of wargear cancel each other out; neither
takes effect..

Yeap, I expected as much. The nerf for that Dark Harliestar will come sooner or later, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why I chose a Doom Jetseer in the first place. Luckily for me, the FAQ have not messed with that plan of mine and actually made me smile when I read it. My entire army loves the buff to the wounding phase more than anything, as for some reason I do not roll my to-wounds as well as my to-hits.

As for the second one from the Eldar FAQ, it is interesting to know that it confirms my suspicions whenever two Farseers are out there on the table.

What do you guys think about the FAQs in general?

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