Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playtesting even more and discovered a few fun things.

Heya all, playtested even more with my Dark Eldar in a few games and I found out a few interesting things.

1) Playtesting against Jump Pack BA: Reavers work soo much better than I last played them, and I enjoyed the prospect of almost getting a pain token out from a bladevane attack after 4 Venoms almost killed off the unit. Unfortunately for me, my opponent managed to make all the armour saves needed for his jump pack BA assault marines. But when he charged into it, he essentially messed up his entire assault marines as my dudes are chopping their way through them in a very slow but confident manner. His Power Fist is the only thing preventing him from running off the table edge. I can see this actually affecting infantry blobs or some of those pesky heavy weapons squads.

2) Random small game: (Incubi + Archon) x (5 Terminators + Captain) = Fun times. My opponent thought that it was broken that he is facing off against lots of Str 4 Ap2 +  a few Str 3 Ap2 Insta-death attacks at his face. Afterwards the lone survivor (after surviving the assault against terminators and at least 2 rounds of shooting from a tactical squad) with two tokens charged the tactical squad that is bullying the Incubi squad and chopped them into pieces and forced them to run.

3) Relentless apparently helps in overwatching.

And on an unrelated note;

4) Was trolling by playing Marines today, and my deepstriking skills are still very good and won a game easily. :P

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