Saturday, September 22, 2012

OW Tournament results with my Dark Eldar and thoughts

Well, managed to play in the OW tournament today and finished around the middle of the pack (other players tabled more stuff than myself).  After several intense games I have this to say about my list;

1) In its current incarnation, it is quite a balanced list I have. Most of my games were very much on the wire that made some competitive lists sweat a lot. Will need to make it more viable.

2)The Incubi and Reaver combo worked quite well. Those two things always get the lion's share of the shooting arrayed against my forces and for once I can safely say that my Ravagers are surviving quite well thanks to them (well at least until those two things died). Now I am very interested in running even more Reavers than ever before. Maybe 27 of them will be good enough.

3) Wracks are still very subpar in my games. I hate units that do not serve any purposes in my list. But I do admit that a larger squad can play a role in something. What that 'something' is, I got no idea.

4) True enough, it is tough to play against a full horde with my current incarnation of Dark Eldar. But if the army numbers around 50 models or less, my list just dominates. In addition, I am also seeing more and more IG running around these days. Must take this into account when I build my new list.

Based upon what I could see, raiders are only good if you wanna bring some assault units into the fray and the prevalence of infantry blobs and infantry lists only enforces my view that having more Venoms in my list is perhaps the wiser of the routes to go to. In addition, it also occurs to me that if I were to play with one webway portal and take a huge blob of warriors to get out from the portal, it could mitigate some of the weaknesses in my list as well. But of course, this would also mean more playtesting on my part.

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