Friday, September 14, 2012

Incubi...I choose you!

Incubi are always an unit that I have enjoyed using whenever I get the chance to, but at the time it is quite an investment to play with their closest competitor at the time (wyches). But due to the nerfs stacked against wyches, they are now relegated to a sad existence. But what nerfed the wyches did not nerf the Incubi. With the best infantry armour in the dark eldar list they are now able to withstand overwatch attempts, and with their klaives they have the role of killing terminators by a bucketful. They shine a lot more in this edition thanks to the boosts that they get.

Madness you say but remember that we are now able to get allies and wih a farseer in tow we could give rerolls to hit, 4+ invul saves and/or forcing opponents to reroll and/or those successful invul saves. If you do not like the randomness of the general psychic powers a doomseer would be sufficient enough to make every wound count. Last but not least, defensive grenades from the archon would give them cover saves as they charge into cover, alongside the general idea of letting strike at initiative.

Last but not least they actually fit a particular role that I want and need in my army; epic distraction. Despite my misgivings about wyches in 5th, I picked them in that edition as they are one of the most feared unit in 40k and people overestimated them as killers rather than their true purpose of tarpitting. Now with wyches losing that reputation, I need a fear factor that would make my opponents pay attention to them instead. Incubi are now the new black and I would be taking a squad to see if people truly overreact. If they do and perform admirably, I may even use two archons and two incubi squads to truly screw people over.

It is true that they are rather deathstar-ish in nature but with the new meta being developed even as this article is written, there is a rising trend of 2+ armour dudes and lots of infantry blobs that are a nightmare to tarpit in. Incubi solves all of that.

Will have to test, but I am certain that they can help me in the future.

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