Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adoption of Kabal Remnants - An Act of a Sadistic Samaritan

Hello, welcome back!

Right now I am back in my own country trying to not do anything about Dark Eldar for the moment until I go back to the US, but apparently the Dark Eldar models found me.

But before I could go ahead I must tell the tale of a few months back.....

When the new Dark Eldar book came out, I was kinda excited about it but not enough to start it for real (this was also the time that I bought a few Dark Eldar things to convert my female Archon). But then it all changed when the LGS owner that I go to at the time (Bless you Comics Mart for being so close to the new home that I just moved in at the time) was talking to a few wargamers about something. As curious as a cat, I decided to ask what's going on, and it turned out that the LGS owner is trying to sell a number of old minis that his brother is trying to get rid of, which includes High Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, etc. Everything was mostly in a cardboard box, or in a plastic bag, badly painted.

It was then I noticed that there is a box of the old Dark Eldar battleforce around, and I asked if there is some Dark Eldar stuff for sale, and to my delight there is. Despite the fact that some of the warriors are gone, but the rest are still in pristine condition, and in fact they are in their sprues. I asked how much it is, and he named the price. Seeing that it is quite reasonable, I bought it.

And with that I decided to shoulder a new army. Now fast forward to the present...

When I came back to Malaysia like a week ago, I met up with a good friend of mine (in fact he's a friend who is willing to geek out as much as I do, and hang out with extreme frequency) and he asked me to help him to find a good home for  the Dark Eldar minis that he owned. Most of the stuff are really brand new, to the point that he did not even open the box. He asked me to help him get some of these stuff off him (2 Ravagers and a squad of reavers), and I agreed. So far I have gotten the reavers, and the ravagers will be on the way.

Then just today, while I am surfing on the Second Sphere forum (my frequent 40k forum haunt), I noticed that one of my friends is trying to sell away some things away. Among his stuff I noticed that he is trying to get rid of his Dark Eldar stuff as well;

- 3 Raiders (2 assembled + 1 still in the box) 
- 1 Ravager (Still in the box) 
- 3 squads of 10 Kabalite warriors (1 squad assembled +2 in the box)- 1 Archon (Metal and still in the blister) 
- 1 Lelith Hesperax (Metal and still in blister) 

I got almost everything, in the list and more, but I realized that warriors is something that I would like and honestly I do need. So I asked my friend on the forum to contact me on facebook, and after some brieft negotiations, I managed to buy the entire lot for a total of 60 USD.

I watched this happening to my fellow Malaysians. Not pretty.....

But due to the fact that earlier today is also the day of the Bersih 2.0 electoral reform rally a.k.a city lockdown by corrupt government to brutalize these poor souls via water cannons, tear gas and batons we decided to meet up after everything cools down to do the transaction (I was down at ground zero as a spectator and seen police brutality and stuff but that is a tale for another time).

So with that I have quite a number of models that I am adopting to be part of my happy mafia family of a Kabal.

As of this moment; the whole family of Elf Mafias in space are as follow;
3 Archons
1 Lelith
1 Urien Rakarth
2 Haemonculi
10 Incubi
29 Wyches
56 Warriors
3 New Raiders
3 Old raiders
5 Ravagers (with the two of these having the options of being Raiders)
5 Old reavers
6 New reavers
5 Venoms (one is a converted Vyper)
Miscellaneous bitz that could become even more warriors/trueborns/wyches (I think the bitz are good enough for another 30+ models).

I feel that for some reason, my joke of making an entire Kabal is not so far from the truth. Just need a few more Venoms, a bunch of Wyches,a bunch of reavers and a bunch of Wracks and I can honestly call it good as a Kabal should ever be.

Of course I do not think I would paint and build everything, but nonetheless I did manage to get this much stuff from adopting models. I actually spend less than I though for an army of this magnitude and somehow that is an accoomplishment in itself. Amazing stuff here. It does not make sense....what could I do with a Kabal this big and in fact when I told my friend about it (the one that is getting rid of the Dark Eldar vehicles) he asked me how would I field everything? But yeah, from the looks of it, I guess I could actually just try to sell some of my armies away in order to make this army a monstrously huge army (the other being my Orks) and try to make it into a GW blog post of the day once I am done with the whole bunch of them.

I guess I could always ask myself a question of why I decided to take all these little things into my wing and my answer would be; why not?

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