Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Incubi - Why I loved them and how they play a part in my list.

Heya all, and today I would like to talk about why I essentially love what is perhaps one of the more deadlier close combat artists in the Dark Eldar arsenal; the Incubi.

Now people have told me that I am better off taking Trueborns rather than Incubi, but nonetheless almost everyone and their mothers and even their extended families maxed them out in their elite slots. For me, despite the awesome capabilities of Trueborns in Venoms, but nonetheless, I find that my list will fare out better with a more offensive close combat capability and another long-ranged lance platform.

But listbuilding aside, there are reasons why I loved the idea of Incubi in my force.

One of the main reason why I loved them is because they look as beautiful as their capabilities. To be honest, despite the idea of a gun in their helmet, I never truly loved the looks of the old Incubi. The new one looked more like something of an elite duelists of dishonor than the old ones.

The second reason why I liked them is the fact that with their power weapons, they are potentially going to chop anything in their path (exception being a sea of Ork horde, but of course a Dark Eldar never plays fair and duel them one on one). Add that with some Furious Charge and you will get some Str 5 power weapon goodness. Even a Daemon Prince would balk at that nastiness. Wyches may have their own merits, but sometimes I face the situation where they are being stuck in a certain unit for far too long, and I need a surefire way to get out from the mess. Incubi and their power weapons will always do the job. Scoring or not, I find that I do not need so much wyches, and the idea that I have to rely on that agoniser to do damage sometimes turns me off.

With that in my mind, I do realize that they have inherent weaknesses that I will have to address.
One of them is that they are just too good in what they do, and thus one must take a small number of them for them to do their best. I personally do not mind that, as I already am used to the idea of taking smaller squads to maximize efficiency. But what kinda gets to me is the idea that they do not have grenades. But that saying, I am using them more as a form of counterattack than a vanguard to storm into buildings. Those I leave to the Wyches and the Archon. 

Now contrary to what people tend to use the Incubi for, I tend to use them as something of a backup plan, just in case my main assault with the Wyches and Archon went bad (despite the best capabilities of the archon and the Wyches, it does happen). I find that my Incubi's intervention will always turn the tide back to my favor. Not the brutish ways of the Assault Terminators will I use my Incubi, but instead I use them with finesse like how a duelist should do, albeit one that fights dirty.

Of course, if the point cost will allow me I will get a Haemonculus to be attached to the squad to take advantage of the Pain token, and make them more survivable and a Klaivex with the Onslaught abiltiy to make them even more dangerous .The Onslaught ability is perhaps one of the abilities that I truly enjoy as I could potentially get a few more bonus attacks . Whenever I think of Onslaught I think of the scene where Leonidas cuts through the Persians.

In my opinion, 5-6 Incubi will always get the job done and if you can spare the basic Onslaught upgrade and a Haemonculus, all the better. As for the Demiklaive, it is rather nice but it cost too much for what it does, and for that cost I could potentially get another Incubi which will dish out more damage. 

So far despite the advice against them, I decided to stick it to the man and give them a finger, and I am glad that I did. They are slowly but surely winning themselves a lot of honors. The Wyches may be the main stormtroopers, but the Incubi are definitely the calvary.

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