Friday, July 29, 2011

Mustering of the Kabal - Some pics of the converted old school raider PIP

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Just the other day when I was unpacking some of my paints to paint the incubi and the warriors, I managed to find an old school Dark Eldar Raider in my Bitz pile. How the hell it get up there? Apparently I forgotten to put this into the small Dark Eldar bitz box when I first bought that old Dark Eldar battleforce, and it became my sole Dark Eldar model left in Malaysia. That somewhat answered a question I had when I first got hold of the shipment of my Dark Eldar stuff. Now that I got the stuff that I have adopted from the rest of the dudes here who wants to let go of their Dark Eldar stuff, I realized that this is indeed the time to save this Private Ryan and bring him back to be with its friends.

With some converting based upon the idea that I have about the old school models and the new sails and stuff, I managed to replicate my success. Without further ado here's the model in its PIP process.

Right now this guy is a monster to paint, and so far I had more progress with the Kabalites as they take less time to paint. :P

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