Friday, July 15, 2011

Trust - A short story

As she watches them from a tainted glass, the little children that she taken from Verdant's World are now playing around in a room reserved for them under the watchful eye of their old one. If treatments of slaves were categorized into levels, theirs would be a much exalted one. Vespera did not chain them nor torture them at all, and they have a room that is fit for a Dark Eldar nobility. She also wonders why she gave them the best possible treatment. She decided that she should enter the room just to see her little pets.

As she entered the room, the little ones stopped playing and flocked to their old one. With every step, Vespera could sense the fear from them all. This is always nice, but for some odd reason she wanted them to not fear her.  The old one started speaking, and Vespera always find it enjoyable to speak to the old one for he is the only thing she captured that dares to speak back to her. For that he had earned the privilege of her speaking in their barbaric language.

"You have taken Anna, and you scared the hell out of her. What do you want this time?"
"But I did gave her back to you is it not, old one?"
"To terrorize us with the fear of own own flesh and blood?"
"No, if I were to terrorize you, I would do it more eloquently. I did nothing to her save to bring her out to a meal with me. Do not worry, I did not eat anything humanoid. But she did see my father and my rival, and perhaps that is fearful enough for her." Vespera pulls a chair from the table nearby and sits down, looking at the human with her icy blue eyes.The human looked at her with the armor of contempt. Amazing how this old one is able to meet her eye to eye.

" By the way old one, did you realize that this room is for my kind's nobility? Have you not wondered why you are not in the slave cages living in your own filth? You surely must have known it."
"Yes, I noticed but yet I must ask why? Don't your kind treat us nothing less than living?"
"Yes, your kind is but fodder to our souls. But alas, you and your young ones are special. If I were to put it in your language, I would say that I have no reason to harm you and your little ones."
"You have done enough." The old man's words are filled with sarcasm.
"Yes, I would admit that. But what I do know is that you should not fear me."

More looks of contempt come from the old one, and Vespera knew that she will have to make a point. Thus she beckons him to follow her. The mon-keigh knew that to defy the words of the Archite would be tantamount to suicide. He followed her outside the comforts of the place they call their home for the past few weeks. Vespera could see that the old one telling the little ones to stay in their room to their protestation. As Vespera closes the door and walks away, the old man and his followed in her steps.

The corridors are of the darkest of obsidian, and the dark but beautiful architecture of the hallway is visible to all of them. A deeply menacing atmosphere, and Rikkard could only wonder what is going on. Is this Dark Eldar going to lead them to their deaths? As they passed by more and more Kabalite warriors, he could sense their dark desires seeping out from their armor, wanting to do many things to them that Rikkard prefer not to think about.  It seems that ironically, the only thing that is keeping them from doing their thing is the presence of their leader as her presence is the only reason why the other Dark Eldar did not come upon them like a school of sharks. Finally, after some time walking around, they find themselves at the end of the passage. The female leader waits for them, and as they exit the passage, they could see a huge courtyard with dark blue grasses and the sight of the sharp, jagged spires jutting out from the skies like spears is omnipresent. Each of the structure has a rather dark and sinister hue, reflected by the dark turquoise sun above them, Rikkard could only feel a dark wonder to all of this.

"Beautiful isn't it? This is a place I have called my home for the past six hundred years. But like what you humans call a rose, it is a beauty with dangers. I could open the doors of your 'prison' and let you out to do what you want. But remember that you will be at the mercy of this city. Even a person like myself can never guarantee your survival. I have already treated you very well to be honest. No one touches you all under my presence, but you can see that they all seek for your suffering. Right now, you can see this courtyard." Vespera takes a few steps outside the courtyard, and Rikkard his little ones walks outside with the Xenos.

"This courtyard is the exact place where an attempt on my father's life was done. My father lived, but fully thirty members of his family, including my mother was slain here. Even an Archon is never truly safe in this city, but at least when you are with a Kabal your survival is much higher. For you and your young ones, I am but the... " Immediately her pendant lights up and a dark shadow engulfed them all in its veil. Rikkard and his little ones could only see one part of the shadow being distorted, but returned back to its dark cloudy form immediately. But soon enough more and more shots of light comes towards their direction
"What was that?"  Rikkard then sees the female Xenos chattering away in a crisp and clear manner, and before long a single beam of red light cast its baleful glow upon them and speeds toward the source of the incoming fire, obliterating the part of the spire. The firing immediately stopped.
"Thank you." Rikkard could not believe the words that is escaping his lips, but alas it is the only think he could say.
"This is why I say that you should not fear me. I am your best chance of survival for you and your little ones. I think this is too much for you and I should lead you back to your room." Rikkard could only nod in agreement.

A few days later, Rikkard was graced by the presence of the Xenos leader. She is fully clad in her armor, and oddly enough, she is carrying a sack. To his surprise his grandchildren are not flocking to him and instead they are looking at her with wary eyes. This something new for Rikkard as now it appears that they are not fearful of her, just very cautious. The Xenos  then sets down a huge sack down, and takes off her helm and holds it under her arm.

"Your little ones might enjoy these things." Before he could even ask her what is in the sack, she walks out from the room and closes the door. Anna walks towards the sack and opens it, and she screaming with joy. "What's in the sack dear?" Rikkard asked, a little wary about the thing in the bag.
"Toys!" Soon enough the rest of the children rushed towards the back and they are all screaming with joy.

Why am I treating them so nicely?, Vespera could only wonder as she closes the door, seeing their smiling faces.

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