Monday, July 4, 2011

The Attention Part 5 - Short Story

This feels awkward, Vespera says to herself. With her father on one end and her potential assassin turned suitor on another having dinner together in the latter's fortress, she realized that for once she felt a little powerless. Luckily for her, she brought a pet along with her, a human child called Anna. So far the little one is quiet, but nonetheless alert. Her fear only made her more adorable like a pet should be, and Vespera patted the little one. The little one is hyperventilating and Vespera could only see how adorable this little thing is. But nonetheless, Vespera also realized that her own concerns between her father and Lord Ranisold is something as uncertain. In more ways than one, Vespera could sympathise with her little pet.

"So Lord Ranisold, I heard that you are the one responsible for the Hallidan System's demise." Vespera's father asked the Archon of the Turbulent Stars. Lord Ranisold takes his time to answer the inquiry, sipping a glass of an electric blue concoction before he answers the venerable Archon.

"Yes I do, Archlord Veizer. But what I do is nothing compared to what you did." As they talked to each other in alarming fluidity,Vespera could only see the verbal maneuvering with poise and elegance ready to strike out upon a weakness like a serpent. But nonetheless, it appears that these two are up to something, something privy to her understanding of the situation. The paranoia of treacherous lieutenants honed her own paranoia to be as sharp as a wych blade, but even now she is uncertain about these turns of events. Both their incubi bodyguards are standing behind their seat, ready to strike out with their klaives at a moment's notice. Compared that with her own personal choice of bodyguards, she could only hope that both these bodyguards will slaughter each other before she intervene in with her own. After a while, the Archons are silent, and there is nothing but venom in the atmosphere.

"Why are you interested in my daughter?" Veizer broke the silence.
"Inyon lama-quanon." Ranisold's answer is as blunt as it is distasteful to Vespera's ears. Inyon lama-quanon, to make one subservient to the other is a concept that the Dark Eldar are all to familiar to, and the word itself is the closest thing they have to love. But it could also mean enslavement and the usurpation of power. Right now, from the looks of it, all the meanings are viable to Vespera's understanding.
"Inyon lama-quanon? It's been a while since I have heard of such devotion to something. But nonetheless, I will honestly say one thing Lord Ranisold; my daughter is not yours, she's mine. If you want her, you will have to get through me. Perhaps you have heard of what happened to Lord Arcsael?" The old Archon tilted his head in anticipation of a reply. A coy but nonetheless blatant answer.
"Yes....I have heard. Even now his face is upon your helm." Vespera could see that despite his poise, the Archon's arrogance is hurt. For some odd reason, despite her hatred of her father he does things that is advantageous to her.
"Yes, you knew. So, now that it is done, shall we continue on with this exquisite meal?" The sombre mood of dining returns once again.

"As I would say my dear daughter, you are the only person in my Kabal whom I might extend a hand of forgiveness for an assassination attempt or a coup. So of course you are precious to me." The old Archon explained as they rode back to their stronghold. The dinner ended peacefully for wanting of better words, and after they left the compound, she asked her father as for the reason why he said the things he said.

"I may not be as strong as I was, but I still have the final say for some things that concerns the Kabal's future my dear. I will play that role for as lon as I live." Vespera could only thank her father for his concerns, and was glad that she was his property after all.

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