Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mustering of the Kabal - Incubi and Base concept

 Heya, welcome back.

Due to the fact that people kept on giving me Dark Eldar stuff even while I am on vacation, I decided to just do some light hobby work during the intermissions between meeting my friends and going out to places.

First order of the day; bases.

This issue alone made me a little annoyed as I know of a certain concept in my mind as to what I want the base of my Dark Eldar to be; that of the earth of Commorragh. This in itself is a challenge as the artwork of the codex always make Commorragh as a very eerie monstrously evil place. This in effect always give me that sort of brooding evil place like the image above. But I never really knew how to do the effect until an accident happened while I was painting my Incubi. The turquoise wash actually seeps into the base and I was about to wipe it off when I realized that it just turned out the way I like it. With that, I decided to refine the accident. I tried them on much larger bases to truly see the effect of the base.

While I am preparing the large flying bases with the sand and stuff, I realized that I could do a little more magic to make these bases unique while not overpowering my flying models. I then decided that I ought to I try out something I always wanted to do; using wood putty for modelling purposes. Due to the unique properties of wood putty, they actually are like Play-dough and if you leave them in a state of semi-dryness, they would crack. I used this property to the max, and managed to get some amazing rock-like effects. Put this with some gravel, some pebbles and some sand, and presto! Awesome bases.

Suffice to say, I am very pleased with the result and I am now a real convert to wood putty and turquoise base color.. With that done, I decided to pluck my incubi off their bases and do some landscaping on their base and paint the whole package; model and base alike.

A few days later, I finished a bunch of my Incubi. I am quite satisfied with the way they turned up, especially the power weapons. Add that with the fact that they are the metal models, and I consider it as a justification of the efforts I go towards to get the remaining 5 metal men for at least one squad of my Incubi. Sadly enough from now on, I will have to get the resin ones if I want to have more squads of Incubi.

Here is a pic with the whole bunch of them, and it is also in this picture that you can truly see the base. I am awestruck by the base as they looked a lot like those resin desert bases, but I spend almost nothing on the bases to make it that good.

More pics will come once I go about painting a little more of the donated stuff.

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