Monday, August 27, 2012

Holistic Mumbo - An Advice on the Dark City Forum

Heya all, just wanted to post a reply that I have given to a dude in the Dark City Forum since I felt like giving it in a poem. Managed to get a lot of approval from my fellow Archons lol.

For some reason, the reason unknown, 
I feel like giving an advice in an unusual fashion. 
So here's something I made, all on my own,
Hopefully this will help you answer your frustration.

A new edition is like a relit candle,
The new flame comes and the old flame perish.
A new experience is hard to handle,
But properly mastered, it can be taken with relish.

Exploit everything written in the tome,
Everything within is a saving grace.
Once the time of troubles come
Own them you will, on top of the race

Be afraid and hide in the shade,
Less everything turn to ash.
Be so fast that you fade,
Less you stay put and crash.

Be ready to bear the lances,
Crack the armoured shell.
Once they out taking their chances,
Cackle loudly and give them hell.

Poison in numbers is never an excess,
For it is a must to inflict pain.
Position yourself to create an access,
For it shall break them in twain.

These words heeded and you shall not sway,
And you shall be happy for the rest of the way.

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