Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Aegis and the Torturer - weird combo?

Heya all, I am typing this right now in the middle of the nigt after I woke up to a weird eureka (-ish) moment. I managed to figure out how to use the aegis defense line, wracks and a haemonculus ancient in an otherwise mobile army.

The Aegis is the prime candidate as it is small enough to not be obstructed by dick terain deployment moves and can blend well wih other terrain. It could also be used in synch with the wracks as their fnp combined with that cover could help in objective camping and that liquifier gun of theirs are awesome at suh skullduggery. With a few haemonculus with liquifiers they can definitely hold the fort.

But make it even more asshole-ish I could upgrade one of them to a haemonculus ancient to allow for his superior BS to take over the defense weapon and blast stuff. Due to the higher BS I can actually make the icarus lascannon idea work as I could maximize the single shot and spend less points for the defense line (quad cannons are hella expensive) while making it more useful. Quad cannons are cool too but I feel that the icarus lascannon fits the Dark Eldar theme more easily than the quad cannon (not to mention cheaper).

Can also be comboed with baron for a further increase in cover saves but I think that this is just pushing it. This is going into my out-of-the-box shelf and I may use this in conjunction with allies and stuff. Also it provides for some interesting modelling experience.

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